Not navigating this phase properly is the reason why many students take 5 or 6 years to get an undergraduate degree nowadays - costing parents tens of thousands of unnecessary dollars.


Now that you have determined what the 'right fit' school is for your student, you want to do whatever you can to ensure your loved ones get accepted by the school they have always dreamed of.


Now that you have determined what the 'right fit' school is for your student, and they've gotten into that school, you need to make sure that you can afford to pay for it without spending your life saving paying for tuition.


The Peace of Mind phase is where we dig in to determine the best way for your family to pay for your college tuition - regardless of the cost… and ultimately become more financially set for life.

We have helped many families successfully navigate the college admissions and financial aid planning process so their children can attend college of their choice – regardless of the cost.  Call us today at (714) 831 0137 or (281) 674 8018
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What our clients are saying about CPAG

I was very pleased with all of John Nguyen’s services and financially he saved us a substantial amount of money and all three of our children are now in colllege.

THE LƯU FAMILY 3 children in college

Because of their advice, our daughter ended up with a phenomenal award package to her top college choice. She told us she would have been “okay” attending one of the other schools on her list but now she is “extremely excited” to start college this fall! We are so happy for her! Thank you CPAG – it works!!!

THE GRIESHAMMER FAMILY Daughter in college of her dream

I am delighted to share my experience with the College Planning Network and hope that my comments will lead others to seriously consider the many features and benefits associated with the value proposition that defines their mission and strategy…

THE LITTELL FAMILY Family with 2 college students
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